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Commercial and Residential Real Estate

There is no transaction more important for most people than the purchase and sale of real estate or a business. At Pheterson Spatorico LLP we represent individuals and businesses in the purchase of real property or a business. We close homes, hotels, motels, shopping malls, restaurants, manufacturing facilities and anything else you need to purchase or sell. Members of the law firm of Pheterson Spatorico LLP have been serving the real estate community throughout New York State for over 35 years. Our office is conveniently located in downtown Rochester, New York with a satellite office in Canandaguia, New York to accommodate clients living in Ontario County.

Pheterson Spatorico LLP will provide you with the required legal services to assure you of a smooth real estate or business purchase and sale transaction. Our experienced and dedicated employees believe in providing high quality service.

Every real estate closing is unique, you can feel confident that your rights and interests are protected at the best possible value.

The services we provide for a real estate closing are covered by a small, one-time fee.

Before a transaction involving a purchase of a home or refinance of a mortgage is completed, good or marketable title should be obtained.

One of the most important services we can offer to you as a buyer is to ensure that you are obtaining good or marketable title to the real estate you are purchasing.

A review of the abstract of title and a search of the land records is completed to determine ownership, claims, legal documents and other matters that may affect the property.

There are two types of Title Insurance:

  • Mortgage Title Insurance
  • Fee of Owner’s Title Insurance

Mortgage Title Insurance is required by the lender. It insures the lender for the original amount of the loan against any title defects that may arise after the mortgage closing. A mortgage title policy issued to a lender does not provide coverage for or protect the owner.

Fee of Owner’s Title Insurance is issued to the owner and protects the owner’s interest in the property.

We highly recommend that you obtain an Owner’s Policy and will discuss the benefits with you prior to your real estate transaction.

“Ut non justo et turpis sodales interdum ac in nisi. Sed ut tempor felis. In hac habitasse platea dictumst.”

Our services include:

  • Negotiation of the contract
  • Preparing and reviewing title documents
  • Working with the various parties to resolve title issues
  • Preparation, coordination and appearance at closing
  • Final accounting to client
  • Review and approve your Purchase Contract
  • Order and review the title search and survey map to clearly define the description, legal ownership and location of the property
  • Identify and resolve any title problems and obtain any required title insurance
  • Prepare the final financial summary of the transfer of the property and other pertinent documents
  • Assist you with your questions and concerns regarding the transfer of the property, closing and posession
  • Represent your legal interests at closing and supervise the recording of the deed and mortgage